'I used Shirley's services in the time between 2 major singing performances. I met her at a coffee morning and found her energy to be reassuring and inspiring. I am so glad I found her! Shirley was able to detect some energy issues with me remotely. As a busy working Mum the remote service worked amazingly well! I wasn't feeling right and I couldn't work out why. Through energy clearing and some techniques Shirley has passed on to me the difference was incredible! And now whenever I have something big coming on I lean on Shirley for her invaluable insight and energy work! The difference in my energy from my first performance to my second was AMAZING and I felt protected, supported, centered and able to express myself! ' Sarah Tucker - The Mortgage Mum.

'I have been working with Shirley over the past year, not just for myself but also my two adult children. We have all needed help these past few months for different reasons. Shirley has been amazing, from the initial engagement through to the treatment she has always been close at hand to answer questions and explain in full detail her findings.... and wow, the detail and what she finds is incredible'.Alison Sears - Bliss Holistic Massage and Complementary Therapies.

'I worked with Shirley, to help me on an energetic level, through a difficult fertility journey.   My physical body from a medical viewpoint was primed to conceive, yet we continued to be unsuccessful and experience losses too over a 2 year period.  I knew the block must be energetic and I handed over to Shirley for insight and healing. Although the work is distant, it's powerful.  I felt noticeable difference everytime she worked (on me) even though I wasn't aware until the next day usually that she had, but had noticed some definite relief within myself before finding out anyway.  Her insight as to what was happening within my subconscious was a revelation and made perfect sense.  I truly believe she helped me to clear what wasn't serving me. I'm now nearly 9 months pregnant. We fell a few months after this work. I know Shirley's support was pivotal.  Thank you so much'.

'Shirley has been amazing to work with. Since working with her my spiritual awakening has accelerated and many doorways have opened.The shifts are subtle but powerful.   I have also had a breathing space session with Shirley which was amazing, She held a beautiful and gentle space for me to share my thoughts and within a week what I can only call a miracle happened, connected with what I shared with her. Thank you so much Shirley'.

'Shirley is my go to for aligning my energy body and clearing subconscious blocks, I consider this work an ongoing process, we are like snakes shedding their skins. From shoulder problems, to money blocks, to health issues, to tiredness. Shirley's work is miraculous and has helped our families on many levels.  We are energetic beings having a human experience. We need to align our physical actions and energy bodies to be in sync with what we are trying to achieve,  Shirley notoriously finds the blocks you can't see to great effect.' Aloise Surfleet Middleton,  The Dharma Life Academy.