About me

I'm Shirley, an intuitive energy healer and spiritual coach.

As a sensitive introverted empath I feel so much and this makes life uncomfortable when I am around lots of people, especially when they are emotionally charged. I always thought there was something wrong with me as I found social situations uncomfortable and felt I did not deserve to take up space in the world. All this overthinking over at least four decades needed healing to begin to live the life I always wanted. 

In 1996 my life dramatically changed with my 10 year old autistic son's unexpected death.  This experience proved to be a catalyst and I was immediately led to follow a dedicated path of spiritual and personal growth which opened up and transformed my world.  

Within months I had been led to both Reiki and the field of psychology in most synchronistic ways and I quickly realised, as I journeyed through healing my grief, that there was another path unfolding in front of me.

I set an intention that I was going to be serving my community in some way, though I couldn't see what that looked like or how it could happen.

I enrolled at college, as a mature student,  to study psychology with an intention of completing the education I had walked away from at the age of 15, which had led to feelings of lack of self worth.  I felt I wanted to prove myself to others, but above all else, to me. 

Having completed my degree, I went into teaching to share my passion for psychology and I spent many years in this profession.

I also co-created an art and design business with my daughter, encompassing our shared love of art and positive psychology, and which we ran for many years and this enabled me to develop may business skills. At the same time I was learning new energy healing skills and adding to my toolkit of techniques.  I realised it was time to step into my calling and start taking my healing practice seriously.

I have now been around the fields of psychology, personal and spiritual growth and energy healing for over 20 years.

If you would like to know more about how I could support you on your healing journey, contact me to arrange a no obligation, complimentary connection call.

[email protected]

Instagram: @shirleyclimpson

Facebook: Shirley Climpson Intuitive Energy Healing

BA (Hons) Behavioural Studies

Teacher of psychology (PGCE)

Reiki Master practitioner

Energetic NLP Practitioner

Cellular Vibration Therapy Practitioner