About me


I'm Shirley,

As a sensitive introverted empath I feel so much and this makes life uncomfortable when I am around lots of people (or even a few people!), especially when they are emotionally charged. I always thought there was something wrong with me as I found social situations so difficult, even with family, and I rarely let people in so I'm sometimes misunderstood.  I often felt I did not deserve to take up space in the world but thankfully, after a lot of overthinking over five decades, much healing has enabled me to live the life I always wanted.

In 1996 my life dramatically changed with my 10 year old son's unexpected transition.  This experience proved to be a catalyst and I was immediately led towards what became a dedicated path of spiritual and personal growth which opened up and transformed my world.  

Within months I had been led to both Reiki and psychology in most synchronistic ways and I quickly realised, as I journeyed through healing my grief, that there was another path unfolding in front of me. I set an intention that I was going to be serving a community in some way, though I couldn't see what that looked like or how it could happen. My son had been autistic and I felt a deep desire to put something back after all the help I had received from a wide range of professionals and practitioners.

Within a year of his transition I had tried an art course and then enrolled at a college to study psychology. My initial reason to go back into study was to complete the education I had walked away from at the age of 15, which had left me with lifelong feelings of inadequacy and lack of self worth. I felt I had a lot to prove to others and, above all, to myself.

I discovered a thirst for knowledge and my love for psychology turned into a degree and then teacher training and I spent many, mostly, happy years teaching A level and then degree level students.

I also co-created an creative business with my daughter, where we merged our passions for art and personal development and at the same time I did more training in energy healing and started my practice, knowing at some point I would need to give up teaching in order to answer the calling to take my healing work seriously. I still paint and create and have dreams of merging my art and healing work when the time is right.

So I've been around the fields of psychology and healing for over 20 years

If you would like to know more about how I could support you on your healing journey, contact me via email or message me through Facebook or Instagram to set up a free call.

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