About me

Hello I'm Shirley!

I am quiet, introverted and sensitive which can make life uncomfortable when I am around lots of people (or even a few people!), especially when they are emotionally charged. My favourite place to be is in nature, especially woods and the countryside although I love the wild coast as well. Here I feel deeply connected to the Earth and her kingdoms and feel an infinite sense of peace, love and joy. I have been on a committed path of spiritual and personal growth for over 25 years and my studies of psychology and healing have opened up and transformed my world.

Part of my purpose for this life is to learn how to merge the physical and spiritual world together as one.  I have spent many lifetimes gaining skills and abilities that have contributed to my knowledge and understanding of healing and have enhanced this through learning energetic healing techniques in this lifetime.  I share these through healing practices, writing and art.    I work with spirit and love to point people back to their true spiritual nature to help them see their power and potential, often buried under layers of unconscious programmes that have entrapped them.

I feel I am a sower of seeds, a guide to point to the inward journey so that people can be activated through their own insights and realisations, to know that we are all facets of source consciousness and that when we are able to shift our perspective and open up to higher consciousness we see the light and potential in everyone and everything.

My sole focus is now on ascension and to support people through their personal ascension journey, however it unfolds for them.  We are transiting through the much prophesied great shift and undergoing an intense period of challenge, chaos and confusion as we learn to realise and accept our sovereignty and rise up out of the darkness which has permeated our planet for thousands of years. 

This is the soul path, the journey home.  The gentle unfolding of your own insights through your commitment to creating space for stillness and connection.  Your consciousness will provide you will distractions so that you may have a choice as to whether to do the inner work or immerse yourself in the distractions.

I work with those who are curious, awakening, beginning to be aware of and step into their soveriegnty as well as those aware souls who are consciously navigating ascension, wayshowers, lightworkers and starseeds who would like some support.  We all need support.  You will know if you want to work with me because this is an energetic connection. It is not up to me who makes that choice, I am simply available for all who choose to be supported.

If you would like to know more about how I could support you on your healing journey, contact me via email or message me through Facebook or Instagram to set up a free call.

[email protected]

Instagram: @shirleyclimpson

Facebook: Shirley Climpson Intuitive Energy Healing