Working with me

How you can work with me

I work both in person, at my home in Rayleigh Essex, or remotely, so I can support you wherever you happen to be in the world.  This is because energy is non local, meaning it is not dependent on time and space and all I need is a clear connection, for example, using a photograph as a means of forming that connection with you.

Like most energy healing practitioners I have a toolkit of skills, practices and experience,  built up over 20 years, that are used to facilitate shifts and transformation on both an energetic and cellular level.  I assess a client's energy by dowsing and intuitive guidance using a structured system.  I transmit frequencies of energy via radionics and/or spiritual alchemy or make up water based remedies such as homeopathic, flower, crystal, star and other channelled remedies that target specific issues and body/subtle body systems.

I also use and teach Energetic NLP processes and may call upon other forms of energy healing such as Reiki or Source energy as appropriate.  I am intuitively guided as to which elements to draw on either during a session or when working on deeper issues with a client over time, and this is always in line with your highest interests.

Before any assessment is carried out I send out a questionnaire and your answers will help guide both the assessment and session.

Please book a Discovery call with me to talk through what kind of support you need to see whether this is a match for what I can offer and whether this feels right for you. No obligation of course. Please contact me on 07745 904767 or [email protected]


Single energy assessment session £65 (In person or remote - Skype/Zoom appointment)  

An energy assessment of where you are now, exploring the current underlying issues that may be holding you back, keeping you out of balance or alignment or contributing to dis-ease or a chronic health condition. Includes detailed feedback of the assessment and sending energy frequencies to resolve what shows up as a priority.


Breathing Space sessions     £25

These are currently held remotely via Zoom or Skype and last 1 hour.

In these confidential sessions I hold space for you to express, off load and gain clarity as well as receive healing energy. These are unique sessions of conversation and listening and are tailored to whatever you need at the time.

Please contact me for more information and to book your session.


The benefit of booking a series of sessions is that this is the only way to explore deeper underlying factors that may be blocking or inhibiting you. as they create space to facilitate a greater level of shifts and transformation.    Underlying factors can include ancestral energies, energy imbalance or misalignment, distortions in your time line or sensitivity to environmental factors such as electromagnetic frequencies, chemicals and heavy metals,  all of which can block your energy flow and create sometimes challenging obstacles.

Packages are bespoke and structured around your specific needs.  They therefore require a greater level of commitment and self investment. Packages of hourly rates have flexibility in terms of the pace of the release work and can be used as and when guided according to gaps needed to process energetic shifts. 

Sessions take place in person or via Zoom/Skype. Payment plans available on request.

Option 1 - 3  hours £180 

Includes initial energy assessment, sending healing frequencies, re assessment and 2 x 45 min check in sessions.

Unlimited email contact while we are working together.

Option 2 - 6  hours  £300

Includes initial energy assessment,  sending healing frequencies, re assessment as necessary and 3 x 1 hour check in sessions.

Unlimited email contact while we are working together.

Option 3 - 12 hours  £540

Includes initial energy assessment and reassessments as necessary, sending healing frequencies and 6 x 1 hour check in sessions.

Unlimited email contact while we are working together.


I also run Managing your Energy  workshops where I teach simple visualisation processes, grounded in Energetic NLP, to enable people to clear, call back and ground their energy, designed to create awareness of the importance of ensure that as much of the energy in our space is as authentically ours as possible. This enhances our well being and how we show up in the world.  Please contact me if you would like to know more about these workshops.

For more information and to book a Discovery call please contact me on:


[email protected]

or Find me on

Facebook - Shirley Climpson Intuitive Energy Healing


Instagram - @shirleyclimpson


'I used Shirley's services in the time between 2 major singing performances. I met her at a coffee morning and found her energy to be reassuring and inspiring. I am so glad I found her! Shirley was able to detect some energy issues with me remotely. As a busy working Mum the remote service worked amazingly well! I wasn't feeling right and I couldn't work out why. Through energy clearing and some techniques Shirley has passed on to me the difference was incredible! And now whenever I have something big coming on I lean on Shirley for her invaluable insight and energy work! The difference in my energy from my first performance to my second was AMAZING and I felt protected, supported, centered and able to express myself! ' 

Sarah Tucker - The Mortgage Mum.

'I have been working with Shirley over the past year, not just for myself but also my two adult children. We have all needed help these past few months for different reasons. Shirley has been amazing, from the initial engagement through to the treatment she has always been close at hand to answer questions and explain in full detail her findings.... and wow, the detail and what she finds is incredible'. Alison Sears - Bliss Holistic Massage and Complementary Therapies.