Working with me

There are many reasons why you might choose to work with me and below are some of them.

  • You feel blocked - perhaps you are making slow progress, perhaps the same issues keep appearing and you have been unable to clear or work through them, you feel stuck and lack inspiration as to how to move forward.
  • You have something coming up and want to be on top form - perhaps a new work project, a launch or a move of some kind. You want your energy to flow well and be at an optimum level to enable you to manifest or attract the highest outcome for all.
  • You feel disconnected from a sense of knowing you have something you need to complete but you can't fully connect with it yet intuitively know this is your time.
  • You feel out of balance and alignment in your life.
  • You feel tired. You might experience infection after infection and are struggling to be completely well and have enough energy to feel motivated to take any action.
  • You may be living with a chronic condition and want a review of your energy and additional insight as to the nature of the root of the condition.
  • Curiosity - nothing wrong with that! Insight and awareness can open up avenues of enquiry for self development and self healing.

Like most energy healing practitioners I have a toolkit of skills, practices and experience,  built up over 20 years, that I use to support you at both an energetic and cellular level.  I assess your energy through intuitive guidance using a structured system and then send frequencies of energy to help resolve everything that comes up as a priority to clear. 

I also use and teach Energetic NLP processes and give energy as appropriate.  I am guided as to which elements to draw on for your highest interests.

I work remotely so I can support you wherever you happen to be in the world. This is because energy is non local, meaning it is not dependent on time and space and all I need is a clear connection, for example, using a photograph as a means of forming that connection with you.

To talk through what kind of support you need I recommend you  book a free consultation where you can ask questions about my services and we can explore whether and how I can help you and the nature of support that will benefit you the most. 

Please email or message me through Facebook or Instagram to arrange a call. Let's talk first. 

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