Working with me

Like most energy healing practitioners I have a toolkit of skills, practices and experience,  built up over 20 years, that are used to facilitate shifts and transformation on both an energetic and cellular level.  I assess a client's energy by dowsing and intuitive guidance using a structured system.  I transmit frequencies of energy via radionics and/or spiritual alchemy or make up water based remedies such as homeopathic, flower, crystal, star and other channelled remedies that target specific issues and body/subtle body systems.

I also use and teach Energetic NLP processes and may call upon other forms of energy healing such as Reiki or Source energy as appropriate.  I am intuitively guided as to which elements to draw on either during a session or when working on deeper issues with a client over time, and this is always in line with your highest interests.

I work remotely so I can support you wherever you happen to be in the world. This is because energy is non local, meaning it is not dependent on time and space and all I need is a clear connection, for example, using a photograph as a means of forming that connection with you.

To talk through what kind of support you need you can book a no obligation, free 20 minute consultation where you can ask questions about my services and we can explore whether and how I can help you and the nature of support you require. 

Please email or message me to arrange a call. Let's talk first. 

For more information and to book a free Discovery call.

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