Packages and Programmes


The single assessments are very valuable if you want to explore your current energetic status or if you have a specific issue you want some insight around which then clears space for the healing journey to be kick started.

A package of hours that you can use over mostly a 4 - 6 week period (sometimes longer) enables a greater depth of inner and outer transformation to take place.  Working together we can make a bigger difference in terms of understanding and clearing root factors behind the issues you are struggling with. Working in a longer time period you can access more ongoing support, using time in between sessions for your system to make adjustments and identify anything else that is calling to be released.

The way I work is to do the initial full assessment which takes around 1 hour and then time is needed to implement the guidance from the assessment. This takes many forms and may include sending energetic frequencies, making up water based remedies, energy giving such as Reiki or Source energy or guidance for your own inner work that you undertake inbetween sessions.

As the work is done remotely, further 30 minute sessions are used for us to connect, talk through what is showing up for you and identify other areas to explore and energy giving if guided.  Ideally these are video calls on Zoom or similar but if you prefer we can do these via phone or even using email if you prefer this method of connection.  The remaining 30 minutes is for implementation time where the guidance from the assessment is followed through - checking in to assess progress of clearing, questioning for further guidance qnd transmitting energetic frequencies.  Flexibility is essential as it is unknown as to what might come up for you and sometimes sessions where we connect may need to be longer and the implementation time may be shorter.  Everything is intuitively led and guided with support from your higher self, our guides and Source.

After you contact me, I will set up a call so that we can talk through what you are looking for, what is in your highest interests and whether I can offer what you need.  It is important we are both a good fit for each other and also that I am the right person to be able to help you.

  • 3 hours - £180  (Full assessment plus 2 additional sessions)
  • 6 hours - £348   (Full assessment plus 5 additional sessions)
  • 9 hours - £495   (Full assessment plust 8 additional sessions)

I look forward to hearing from you, I'm always excited to work with someone over a longer period of time as we can achieve so much more than with a one off exploration.



The Re-Ignite 12 week energy shift for mid life women and beyond is coming soon!