Ongoing ascension support

Would you prefer ongoing ascension support?

Healing cannot be placed in a neat box.  More is not necessarily better and your unique healing journey is your own and cannot be rushed - progress is not necessarily linear.  Too much, too fast, can send you into a healing crisis where your system has too much to process at once and goes into a rapid detox, which can be very uncomfortable.  

Our body is going through intense periods of detoxing as a result of the increasing photonic light our body is holding, which can be quite destabilising and requires periods of adjustment.  One of the benefits of ongoing support allows for this adjustment and reassessment as your system shifts. 

Detoxing includes clearing lifetimes (and the ancestral line) of environmental, emotional and mental toxins to enable us to expand and embody higher frequency energy. We feel this physically and emotionally as the denser energy of the shadow personality aspects, in response to trauma triggers,  surface for release.

You can choose to work with me on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. You choose how this best works for you.  This will include energy reads and relevant clearing and rebalancing along with video or phone call check ins where you can share issues you would like support with and feedback the shifts you are experiencing. 

I offer an hourly rate of £40 regardless of what you need and this is on a pro rata basis as what you require may vary from week to week.  If finances are an issue and you feel what I can offer may help you, get in touch and we can set up a call. I have some space for donation only support.

Please contact me for further details if you feel that ongoing spiritual and healing support might be of interest to you.

Email:  [email protected]