I G N I T E 

A 12 week Energy Coaching programme.

This is for you if:

  • You are a awakened, sensitive woman who wants to understand her energy to enhance her life and/or work.
  • You are going through a period of feeling stuck or blocked.
  • You have a sense of purpose but have doubts about your direction.
  • You may feel spiritually disconnected.
  • You value intuitive insights and support.

Main benefits:

12 weeks allows us to explore deeper issues that may be blocking or inhibiting your authentic expression.

Working with your unique energy signature it creates space to facilitate a greater level of shifts and transformation.

This is bespoke and individualised support, intuitively led and using my knowledge and experience from over 20 years of energy healing and personal developent.

Deeper issues can include:

  • ancestral energies
  • energy imbalance or misalignment
  • distortions in your time line
  • spiritual disconnection
  • shock and trauma
  • emotional issues

Ignite is designed to:

  • Explore and release your biggest issues.
  • Strengthen your inner connection with your true spiritual nature.
  • Help you navigate change and step into your authentic power.
  • Help you lean into a greater sense of purpose and self expression.

What is the Ignite process?

I send you a detailed questionnaire to complete before we start.

Preceding our first Zoom call you will receive a comprehensive energy assessment which will help guide our work together. You will receive a recording of every call.

We will meet every two weeks for 1 hour on Zoom.

I share simple energy processes and practices to guide you as needed. Supportive practices such as meditation and reflective journaling may be included.

There will be ongoing monitoring of your energy and physical systems, clearing and healing as needed to enable expansion and growth.

Unlimited email and messaging contact throughout the duration of our working together.

Flexible payment plans available on request.