What is involved in an energy read/assessment?

After an initial conversation to discuss what you are looking for I carry out a comprehensive energy read/assessment and energy frequencies are sent to work on resolving the iswsues that come up as a priority for clearing.

A detailed report of findings and interventions is emailed to you with recommendations for your next steps.  I also feed back the findings either via Zoom/Skype or phone if you prefer.

This is carried out remotely at present.


What is different about my type of energy work?

  • I dowse and intuitively work with guides to receive information from your energy field.
  • I work with your collective self (mind, ego, body, soul, higher self) to ensure they are all aligned with your conscious desire to heal.
  • I use radionics, along with other forms of alchemy, to send frequencies to effect change at an energetic and cellular level.
  • I work remotely, I don't need to be in the same room as my client, though equally that is an option for those in the nearby area.
  • I explore potential root causes for issues my clients are experiencing - disclaimer: this is not a diagnosis which can only come from conventional medicine sources.
  • This work is designed to re balance, re align and re synchronise your energy
  • I find self rediscovery is key irrespective of the issues people experience. These are all learning opportunities for self mastery. Energy clearing and healing is a way of pointing people back to themselves and the inward journey.  As within, so without.
  • By holding the intention to work with me, you have already started to shift the energy around whatever it is that is causing you pain.


What kind of transformation could I experience?

  • Re aligning with a sense of direction or purpose.
  • Feeling grounded.
  • Feeling lighter or more expansive.
  • Things begin to flow again.
  • You have a sense of peace.
  • You have a reduction of particular symptoms, whether physical, emotional or mental.
  • You think more clearly and get more clarity around your next steps
  • You have a change of perspective or beliefs as subconscious programmes are cleared.