Energy Assessment

A single energy read/assessment £50

I carry out an energy reading/assessment to identify and explore blocks, imbalances, unresolved issues or uncover where you are holding chronic dis-ease patterms that may be preventing your full expression or distracting you from moving forward in your life or work.  Once released, a space is opened up for growth and expansion.  This includes an optional Zoom call which is recorded for you to keep.

An energy read/assessment will be useful if:

  • You feel chronically tired or drained.
  • You feel out of balance or disconnected and ungrounded.
  • You have chronic issues and have not been able to get to the root cause.
  • You are curious as to whether your energy is in optimum balance.
  • You have an upcoming event, whether a new business venture, job change or launch.
  • You just 'know' there is something out of balance and, despite your own knowledge and tools, you have been unable to clear the issue. Perhaps you have made some progress but something lingers or a cycle repeats - it is hard for us to see our own blind spots and additional insight could help.


If you are struggling financially please contact me and we can work at a reduced rate and I offer some appointments donation only.  This is an important stage of our evolutionary cycle we are transiting, its effects on the human body as yet unknown and I do not want someone prevented from receiving assistance who is drawn to this work and prepared to be committed to their growth. .

Please read a separate page about ongoing ascension support.

For more information and to answer any questions contact me via email or message me through Facebook or Instagram to book a free call.

[email protected]