Energy Assessment

Why do you need an energy assessment?

  • You feel blocked or are making slow progress and are ready to explore why.
  • You have lost your sense of purpose and want to uncover potential blocks.
  • You feel exhausted all the time.
    You feel disorientated and out of balance.

The purpose of an assessment of your energy is to discover and identify blocks, limitations or health indicators that may be contributing to feelings of restriction or block, out of balance or alligment or chronic dis-ease that may be preventing your full expression or distracting you from moving forward in your life or work. Once released a space is opened up for expansion and growth.

What is involved in an energy assessment?

After completing a discovery questionnaire I carry out a comprehensive energy assessment and energy frequencies are sent to begin to resolve the issues that are a priority, in line with your highest interests.

A detailed report of findings is emailed to you with recommendations for your next steps.

This is carried out remotely at present.


Monthly energy maintenance assessments are available on request for a minimum 6 month period.