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My holistic approach to health and wellbeing

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My healing practice is holistic work which means I take into account the whole person, irrespective of any particular issues they want me to explore, looking to unearth anything that has been previously hidden.  I start with a blank sheet of paper and start filling it with answers to questions.  Depending on what system I’m guided to use I may be looking for potential issues in physical and subtle body systems, I may be questioning aspects of self, taking information from guides and looking at issues that occur in the various layers of density we exist in and across all time, space, dimensions and realities.   

Curiosity is one of my super powers and key to any investigative work of this kind. My work is not part of conventional medicine so I am not allowed to diagnose (only permitted through the medium of things like scans, blood tests and other forms of testing)  but I can share what I find and assist to clear imbalances and blocks and explore areas conventional medicine has yet to understand.

Conventional medicine resides at a particular frequency and some of the treatments are low level energetically and I forsee a time when the frequency we live at will be high enough that medicine and holistic therapeutics will naturally evolve in line with an expansion into higher states of consciousness.

The holistic perspective takes into account your lifestyle - if you are out of balance, what do you need to change?  We are moving into an era of taking responsibility, not simply going to a GP, being given a bottle of pills, sitting back and waiting for our symptoms to go.  No. Where is the learning in this? This is an example of expecting someone to solve something for you. 

Do you need to review your diet?

Do you need more rest?

Change your job?  

Leave a relationship?  

Do you constantly feel stressed?

Do you need to grieve for those you have lost?

Are you hydrated?  

Are you sleeping enough?  

Do you hate your job?  

Are you denying yourself something that brings you joy?  

Work on your limiting beliefs or lack of confidence?


There is no pill for these other than to numb you from feeling what you feel, which likely led to your symptoms in the first place.

All of this is a vital collaboration whether you choose conventional medicine or not. To heal is to heal the whole. I will always guide you as to where you can help yourself as to do this for you is to disempower.

I know this sounds harsh but we have been programmed as a society to hand over our power and allow ‘experts’ to tell us what is wrong with us and what the solution is. Let us take responsibility for ourselves.  Yes get the diagnosis of course, but then think about where we need to change.  What lifestyle habits may have contributed to the diagnosis.

A serious diagnosis is the ultimate wake up call. Are your paying attention?

This is my perspective so take what resonates and leave the rest  I believe everything is energy. Every physical, mental and emotional symptom is energy that is now manifesting in our reality. When your system is out of balance or alignment, or energy stagnates over a period of time, the changes this creates will likely show up in some way in your reality.

Before the birth of pharmacology, we used herbs and plants as medicine. Natural medicine. I believe if the body is sick it needs tlc not chemical toxicity. This makes no sense to me. I spend an enormous amount of time clearing chemicals, metals and radiation from my client’s systems - enough to see the effects from an accumulation of modern life. A build up of toxicity in the body will need to detox at some point - creating symptoms like allergic responses, increased mucous, raised temperature, body aches, coughs and headaches. 

When I work with you I connect with your guides and your collective self - ego, mind, body, soul, higher self - the different aspects of self that make up the whole of you.  I sometimes find resistance to healing from one or more aspects. When they are not synchronised and working as a team an aspect can become dominant and block the flow of energy. This part may need to be heard, it may be in fear, ir may not be ready to receive additional energy and may have their own agenda. Once the collective self is resynchronised they operate as one strong unit and this enables any healing work to be more effective.

So part of my work involves tuning into someone’s system and uncovering imbalances and blocks to the free flow of energy. For example I might say to someone that there are unresolved emotions affecting their stomach or respiratory system or chemicals affecting their skeletal system. These can be cleared using energetic frequencies which then enables energy to flow again.

Then we look deeper at how can you help yourself? What do you need to know about this situation? Are there habitual behaviour patterns that do not serve you? So depending on what I find, I ask clients to meet me half way - sending energetic frequencies to clear is helpful but not if they are going to carry on living in the same way if there is something they are guided to look at. What do they need to learn from this experience? The realisation that there is an issue going on they were not aware of. I will recommend useful tools such as journaling to explore a limiting belief, meditating to promote more stillness and presence or getting out into nature, connecting, grounding and moving their body.  This is how we can help ourselves.

We have to be willing to take responsibility rather than disempower ourselves by handing over our health and well being to someone else to fix it for us. That may be the system we've all grown up with and the accepted mode of delivery of our well being, but this is no longer how the world is going to operate.

So my role is also, I feel, to teach, share, help you connect in whatever small way that I can do to get you on the road to taking care of yourself, reaching out for the resources that serve you, whether it's regular massage or reflexology, or going to a meditation circle, anything that will help to support you in a holistic way.