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The musings of the night and the awakening journey

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Long, long nights.


Tapping into the deepest fears.

Boredom. Longing for sleep.

Anxiety rises. Unknown beckons.


Not knowing where to turn.

Its murky waters life is churning up.

I long for peace. Deep blissful sleep.

And sweet dreams.

The disempowerment of wakefulness.

Where is this leading?

When will it end?

The constant worry

I have no control over this.

I feel such fear

Yet I know I must surely be safe.

In the oneness

In the certainty of source energy

Our energetic nature

There is nothing to fear. Fear is an illusion of ego

Edging God out.

Bring God back into my knowingness

Breathe sweet one

Let go of the pull of fear

In this now moment you are free

Release the drama.

Be aware of the stories you run in your mind

Stories can change. Rewrite new ones

Replace and refresh.

You are the creator of your reality. You choose in every moment.

Whether to respond to an emotional reaction or release the charge and observe or be neutral.

Whether to release and surrender to God.

What is important to you, what is not.

What really matters.

Whether to take a higher perspective or immerse in the troubling waters of the fast flowing river of 3D life.

You choose.

Peace or drama or somewhere in between.

Always choice.

No matter who you are. You make choices based on your perceptions, your attitude and beliefs.

If you don’t like what you see around you, what feelings you experience, let that be a guide for you to create change in your life.

No one can do this for you but you.

A willingness to hold more than one perspective - bilocational consciousness.

To hold opposing views and see they are both valued for the holder of those views.

You are not wrong and they are right or vice verse.

That is an ego narrative to put others down.

To find ways of seeing others wrong so that you bolster your own self esteem.

It is not the work of others to help you feel good about yourself. Indeed they may be a mirror but you must engage in the exploration needed to self heal.

Where you feel pain is where you need to heal. If you choose to.

Are you willing to let go of what pains you?

It is not the person or thing that causes you pain it is your reaction or response that causes you pain.

Where do you feel empty? Where is the void?

Allow yourself to feel, feel, feel. We push so much away so that we can get on with life. But that which we push away is merely buried below the surface. It niggles and niggles away at us. We do not realise it wants and needs to be released.  Like a pressure cooker the steam from the trauma releases piece by piece - we project other reasons innocently, unknowingly, not realising their presence or power.

It is for us to be willing to look head on at what is bubbling up to the surface so we can release it.

We have not been taught about our immense power to heal ourselves, we have been taught to hand over our power to others - to parents, teachers, peers, bosses, government and other corporations.

We act like victims - we do not have to be - we forget who we are. It is easier to blame others and project on them our feelings of helplessness, victimhood and disempowerment.

That is in truth a choice even though we may not know it to be so.

We come to a point in our life story where we realise, we insight, we start to crack open and ‘see’ for the first time.

As we blink and step out into the sun we start to examine what we have believed for so long and we begin the path of awakening, of true healing. It is a lifelong path but one that is sacred and requires our devotion, time and willingness to commit.

The rewards are infinite and eternal.