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What is this thing called ascension?

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These are my thoughts around ascension at the current time. If they resonate, great, if they don’t, also great!  Whatever you read, it is important to check in with your heart as to whether any of this is relevant for you. The only truth is whatever feels true for you.

Although I’m sharing my thoughts around ascension it is a natural process that is happening whether we like it or not and there is nothing wrong with anything you may experience - be judgment free if you can! It’s not a race or a competition, simply a human process.

Although we talk about ascension as an evolution in consciousness it is a very physical process where our body is going through cellular and neurological changes as it learns to adjust to the increasing influxes of light.

As we absorb more light into our cells the sub atomic particles start to spin faster and, as they do, they hold a higher frequency.  Holding a higher frequency means you start to have a different experience of reality as you shift out of the lower frequency energies we have lived through - and continue to live through at this stage.  The light is designed to alchemise the denser consciousnesses we hold into light which gradually raises both our frequency and our consciousness. We can’t expand into higher states of consciousness without creating space for that expansion.  As this happens this changes the way we interact with the world and our whole perception of reality.

 We cannot underestimate the impact ascension is having on our body.  This is a new and unknown experience to be going through an ascension at such speed and in our body.  It is not easy for the body to handle and as these higher frequency energies run through our body they will find places that are weak and put pressure on these places, which we can feel as pain or discomfort until our body adjusts.  This is not a one off process, the gradual increase in frequency is ongoing so if you have any energy practices and tools, including things like yoga, breathwork and gentle exercise, you can assist the pressure in being released rather than it building up and suddenly bursting out like a cork in a bottle which could lead to all kinds of physical problems.

 This is the shift from a carbon based form to a crystalline based form ( all sentient life will take on a crystalline form) and there will be a reactivation of parts of our DNA previously thought of as junk DNA .  You will hear people talking about decalcifying and activating their pineal gland, DNA activations, downloads they are receiving and anchoring light codes.  Rest assured you don’t need to understand what this means and our physical and energetic systems know how to navigate this extraordinary period and in complete alignment with you as consciousness.

 Ascension is following the blueprint we left for ourselves from the time of the last fall of Atlantis. We have 10,000 years of programming from Atlantean energy that we are clearing - hence the challenges we are seeing and experiencing on the micro and macro levels. The earth began her ascension into the higher dimensions during the harmonic convergence in 1987. Ascension is complete but for us, in the 3rd and 4th dimensions it is playing out in a linear sense and we are bringing this into our physical reality. Our consciousness knows where we are heading and our physical bodies are adapting and adjusting to the increasing higher frequencies.

Ascension also means moving into sovereignty.  Sovereignty is about self leadership. It’s about making your own choices and decisions rather than having someone telling you what to do. You decide for yourself. This is standing in your power. This is taking responsibility for your choices.

The ascension path is one we will all experience differently. We travel this alone. Whatever your friends and family experience it will be their path and not yours.  There is much to distract us and we will have to make conscious choices as to whether we allow ourselves to be distracted by the mounting chaos on the external world or be willing to travel the inner journey of the ascension path.