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Freedom to Express

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Freedom to express

In every way

From the heart

Soul guided




What within me is unexpressed?

Where do I hold this unexpression?

Am I tangled up?

Are the fronds curled?

Or reaching out freely, wafting in the breeze?

From this still place

I know.

I feel.

I see clearly.

Moving into oneness

Where we touch each other

Because we are all connected

Irrespective of whether we know this


What do I long to express?

Can we not take down the barriers?

Can we not make others wrong to make ourselves right?

Can we step out of polarity?

Can we sooth our ego and embody our higher self more?

Do we have the courage to let go of all we believe to be true?

Can we humbly admit we know nothing?

Can we live with uncertainty?

Why do we have to know?

Why do we have to control when we no longer can?

Never could.

Can we bravely show up moment to moment?

Can we be open to seeing how we create our reality?

Can we accept everyone’s truth as real to them?

Can we respect that?

There is no wrong or right

There is simply expression.

One consciousness experiencing itself on multiple levels in multiple ways.

Infinite expression

Infinite experience.

Let go of who we thought we were

Let go of what we thought we knew.

All beliefs are limiting, they are boxes that keep us small.

We are So. Much. More.

We are Source energy

Sparks of light. Love. God. Energy. Consciousness.

All of us. No matter the identity, gender, race, personality, status we falsely assume.

We. Are. All. The. Same.

Strip away the layers of conditioning

The programmes

The culture. Money. Choices we make.

Take it all away.

What’s left?

Pure Source Energy.

The ultimate level playing field

Light and dark, positive and negative.

We are here to unify

To come home to who we have forgotten we are.

All will do this

In their own time and in their own way.

God’s will.

The dropping of the humanness

The stepping back and maturing of the ego

Out of the dream spell

The illusion

The story

Remembering the hologram

We are simply love.

We are multidimensional consciousness

We’ve come from other star systems, planets, constellations and galaxies. We’ve experienced different dimensions, densities of existence.

We have come to support Earth in her transition, in our evolution.

We open up to all our abilities, our wisdom, remembering, supporting, loving and lending our energy to this period of great awakening.  

Of the great shift.

Uncovering lies and truths

Remembering freedom

Learning, growing

Revealing the illusion

Piece by piece.

We have come to save ourselves

To co create a future now we know is available for us

The time line is assured.

We work together now to bring this into physicality

That all may experience this.

For everyone to awaken out of the dream

We are the pioneers for future generations to enjoy the peace and freedom we have not experienced yet ourselves

To release indoctrination.

To be answerable to no one except ourselves as Source.

So people can open their hearts and live joyfully, co operatively, lovingly and compassionately.

And so it is.