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Vivaxis - your energetic connection with Earth

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I have worked with three clients in the last month who, unknowingly, have been experiencing a vivaxis issue so I decided to spend a bit of time exploring his phenomenon. I've written this blog to begin to catalogue my learnings around this, something I was aware of but never fully understood.  Vivaxis issues come up from time to time and I was taught it is always a priority to resolve because without clearing it, sending energy frequencies to heal other issues may not prove to be that effective - or at least, healing will take a lot longer.

Vivaxis comes from viva (Latin for life) and axis (A central line about which a body rotates) and essentially is about your energetic connection with your birth place.


The discovery of the concept of vivaxis came from research by Frances Nixon in the 1960s which was later validated by Stanford University. She discovered a link between our body and the particular spot on earth where we were born and this proved to be key to life and health.


The basic premise is that all life has a unique magnetic two way energy flow to our physical birth place and even if what existed at that place changes into something else, this is a permanent creation of energy – like an energetic umbilical cord. Somewhere you plug into the earth and receive supportive life energies.


For example when a maternity unit in a hospital has been demolished and turned into housing you stay connected to the spot of your birth during your lifetime no matter where you are on the earth. Essentially we are imprinted with an energy configuration based on the magnetic field present at our place of birth as well as the orientation of the planets in our solar system at the time and place of our birth - in other words, cosmic influences.


There are vertical and horizontal energy lines running around the earth and at about the time we feel our first labour pains, these waves of energy get pulled into a point where a permanent magnetic pattern is created for the foetus, the energy tunes into the bones and central nervous system and creates a balanced magnetic and electrical circuit. This means your Vivaxis is your unique personal generator to the energy field where you were born – through this you receive energy from the earth and cosmos and this is two way so it records physical, mental and emotional changes when they occur in your system.


If you have a damaged or distorted vivaxis, you can experience illness as a result of weakening energy flow. The vivaxis connection sends information through the energy centres and vessels in our subtle energy system – chakra and meridian points - and while normally there is a continual flow of energy between these points, the connection can be damaged through things like  environmental pollution such as the cumulative effects of chemicals, heavy metals, radiation and EMFs – all of which we are increasingly subject to these days and which have been shown to disrupt energy flow.  We are electromagnetic beings and our human energy field is sensitive to disruption.


I was always taught that any vivaxis issue that showed up when testing a client had to be resolved as a priority but I never really understood its significance until now. I guess we would never know if we have a damaged vivaxis connection unless it showed up through using an energy based testing system.  


So this is as far as my current understanding goes as of today but I will continue to explore this concept and I’m sure I’m going to see more vivaxis issues in my clients as we continue to experience energy surges and dimensional shifts in the coming months and years. I will update this blog as I go along.


You can read more about this in 'Vivaxis, The spiral of life' by Frances Nixon.