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'Our Unity consciousness is the immune system of the planet' Laura Eisenhower

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These are my views - I don't want you to believe them and instead to do your own research.  To feel truly empowered your views have to be your own.

Take what resonates and leave the rest. But at least think about doing some research so you are aware about things that are being decided for you. This concerns all of us and when we unite we are powerful beings.


As our collective light shines ever more brightly, as consciousness rises and we have got to this point in our evolution where the truth is being revealed in plain sight, many more awakened souls are making themselves known.


What have we been unable to see?


We are at the end of one civilisation and at the beginning of the next and the question we have to ask ourselves is are we going to choose the Golden age ascension timeline (which has already been chosen energetically but not yet manifested physically which we now need to do) known as the service to others paradigm or the negative agenda controlled timeline we have been on with its false flag events, eroding civil liberties and corrupt banking and justice systems?  Known as the service to self paradigm. The Globalist agenda has been in a state of collapse during the last few years and now more is being seen in the collective, enabled by the 'pandemic' situation which has inadvertently triggered the great awakening of so many people.  Such has been the web of control it has been almost impossible to see.


The dark agenda (The 1%/elite/cabal/deep state/illuminati) behind world governance is being revealed and there is a mass awakening as the energy of service to self, of deception, corruption, manipulation and control is completely out of energetic alignment with the expansion of energy we are now seeing on the planet that has been coming in since 11.11.11  - the trigger to this moment now.   The old paradigm is collapsing, as it must, as it is incompatible with the increasing raised frequency of both individuals and collectively as we all journey through the ascension process along with our beloved planet Gaia.  Even if we aren’t conscious of this yet, we feel it as we are telepathic beings. We are all connected and truly one consciousness. Quantum physics supports this.


Much has been hidden and has underpinned the media, major corporations, government and other societal structures. The media’s constant drive has been to divide and conquer and scramble our brain so that we become distracted and addicted to their offerings, that discourages free thinking and a total acceptance of the narrative presented. The narrative they want us to buy into and which shapes society, increasingly we are seeing the censoring of information which offers an alternative view.  It breaks my heart to see natural treatments for disease ridiculed or banned when their results show great effectiveness and cures not just an attempt to reduce symptoms using treatments which have their own side effects but are financially lucrative to the pharmacological industry.  We must learn to work in harmony with nature and the natural laws of the universe which is our birth right.


The dark agendas need our dependency, they need our fear as they can’t survive without it so they do everything they can to create it. Everything we feel has an energy and just as love, gratitude, joy, compassion is of the highest frequency and raises our vibration naturally, when we experience the more negative feelings such as fear, anger or resentment this gives off a lower frequency which others of more negative intent will feed from. It sustains them and adds to their collective power.


The idea of a pandemic is being used as a scapegoat for the increasing control, increasing censorship for people who challenge the narrative and resulting loss of freedom of speech and civil liberties, the prospect of a potentially mandated v****e whereby freedom and choice would be stripped away.  The purpose of this is to create dependency on those with power. This is NOT ok.   I’m not saying there is not a virus - there is, a part natural and part bio engineered and patented virus  - one of many that have been used on us in the past. Germ warfare and psychological warfare is at play here. Again, the truth of this is becoming more widely accepted including President Trump who is calling out those who are likely responsible for creating it.  


There are many issues affecting our well being which I will speak about future posts and blogs as, from the perspective of my work with energy, I feel important for people to be aware of so they can make their own informed choices about what they put in their bodies and the effect of the environment on their well being.


It is important to acknowledge these darker aspects of humanity, to shine a light on this shadow side of humanity so that we may heal ourselves and recognise it is our collective responsibility, as citizens of the earth, here and now, to stop these harmful practices.  We can’t change things without being informed but we certainly don’t want to dwell on it and give it more energy. We must spend time attending to our own frequency and ensure it vibrates as high as possible to counter the negative aspects. We do this partly through connection in meditation, spending time doing what we love, grounding ourselves in nature, living from our heart and making sure we are living according to our personal values - what is important to us.


The activists amongst us will take on the role of raising awareness and changing these structures. For example,look at the massive strides and public awareness around 5th generation technology - even if telecomms companies are now instructed to shout ‘conspiracy’. Look at the recommendations from scientists and other experts who are calling for the roll out to be stopped.


This video is recommended as a starting point for your research if this resonates with you.


Also this interview with Magenta Pixie


Also the International Tribunal for Natural Justice with their esteemed expert panels particularly in relation to the weaponisation of the biosphere.


What does this mean and what can we do?


What we are now seeing is a collective detox. We are seeing playing out all around us a time which has been much prophesised. There is a rising movement recognising the need to stand in our power and reclaim our sovereignty.  Remember we are the co creators of our reality, individually and collectively and where we are seeing injustice, inequality and corruption it is time to stand up for what we believe in.  We need to challenge reports presented by the media, government and other big corporations as they have their own agendas which are not necessarily for humanity’s highest interests as is being increasingly seen.  


In this digitally connected age, and, for many, the enforced slowing down and reflective period we are currently in, there is space to explore concepts, to question the narrative where there is an instinct to do so, with eyes more widely open.  I’ve said before, there is truth within lies and lies within truth so discernment is necessary even when we access information beyond the mainstream.   A trapped animal becomes more vicious when cornered. Knowledge is power.    But not to be in fear.  Love over fear always. This is a huge lesson for us all to learn.


For those already awakened, we may feel in a sense prepared, we didn’t know the how but we knew, with certainty, the time of awakening would come. Astrologically and energetically the path long predicted in ancient texts has gradually emerged.  We are at the beginning, there will be challenges as we are seeing now but know this transitional period will be for the highest good of all.


We need to take our power back, the escalation of control is clear to see.  What kind of world are we living in where censorship is rife when we dare to challenge the official narrative?  Where we are not allowed to present an alternative view for things that are being decided for us?    It is time to stand in our individual and collective power and say NO this is NOT ok.


No one has the right to take away your choices.

No one has the right to take away your sovereignty.

No one has the right to take away your voice.


It is time to stop burying our head in the sand, and to take responsibility for what we are inadvertently consenting to because if we don't speak out,  if we don't declare that we're not consenting, then we are giving these power structures the green light.


And it may not be the right time for everyone to wake up to what is unfolding. This is a big step and people are experiencing trauma from the forced isolation, the physical distancing and survival fear.   So we need to be gentle with ourselves and others by accepting there are going to be times we feel overwhelmed and upset, there are times we are going to feel angry and defensive, and times where we will feel more peaceful and grateful both for good health and also for the hours we might spend sorting our life, simplifying and envisioning the future we would love to live.   And we may go back and forth as something new comes into our awareness, we may slip back into trauma and then we can release that, and shift our vibration once more.


For those of us already on the path of personal and spiritual growth, we should not be complacent as this is an ongoing an evolving journey and all of us are impacted by current events and the emotional fall out we may experience as things fall away.  We also need to accept that some people,maybe family members and friends, are not open to change, is is their choice, it is not for us to decide for them, they may be particularly upset and afraid and in turmoil. We can support them as best we can, perhaps sow seeds while ensuring our boundaries are in place while we can continue our own journey.


Allow this time to go within and connect with yourself more than ever before. Their lockdown failed, we are more enlightened than ever before. People are feeling less stressed, doing things they didn’t have time for, seeing their children through different eyes, reorganising their home and thinking about their purpose. How amazing is that?


Raising your vibration and the ascension path.


If we can see this time as an opportunity for growth and for our highest good we can appreciate its healing potential.  We’re not going to feel in balance all the time but feeling some sort of connection with the divine is going to act as our anchor.


We need to look beyond the 3rd dimension, this physical experience we are having. Do not despair if you can see what is happening in our physical reality. Do not lose hope. We, as warrior beings of love and light, are far more powerful than we can ever imagine and certainly far more powerful than the 1% of our world population who are operating their negative agenda in the world.  I call upon you all to hold your vision. Tune into the higher dimensional frequencies and know that everything is unfolding as it needs to.  We have been lied to all our life as have our ancestors. No more.


I know that in the 5th dimension, where humanity is moving towards, we are already on the ascension or golden age time line.  What we are seeing are the dying embers of the old paradigm falling away. But we still need to rise up and act to facilitate the falling away as we are still operating from the 3rd and 4th dimensions.  We can do this by sharing what we have discovered with those who are open to listen.  


It is important for lightworkers and starseeds to continue their work to raise consciousness in the knowing that energetically  the higher dimensional ascension path is assured even though we can’t see it tangibly until we have resolved the 3D issues. These are two different realities and we need balance within ourselves, not to get bogged down in the 3D reality without question and not to get stuck in a state of higher consciousness of love and light  from which we can’t even see the 3D reality around us. Time to think critically while at the same time checking in with your internal intuitive antenna.


Rising in consciousness is all part of the journey. When we learn that we can do what we love, we unpick the restraints and limitations we believed we had to live under. The freedom we are seeking can only come from within. Once we know we are free we are able to create the life we want and it will manifest in front of us.


Our personal healing is important as is release our traumas and wounds- the inner work is vital. This is the battle between light and dark that we have to heal within ourselves and on a grand scale we are seeing our shadows reflected back at us. The golden age is based on love and compassion - for our self and others. We are powerful co creators and together there is nothing we can’t shift.  The journey we are all on right now is the ascension path and this is something we are all experiencing differently.  Many are desperately clinging onto the false narrative we are being given. If people become challenging or confronting you need to walk away because they are not ready to hear and what they can see is still their truth and their valid experience. They are not ready to step into their true power.  Sow seeds and open up the opportunity for people to hear in their own time and that is perfect.   


How smooth or challenging this path will be depends on our willingness to look at our stuff, how much work we’ve done on ourselves over the years, whether we are listening to our heart or still ruled by our head and whether we are exploring ways to raise our frequency, where we can rise above much of the chaos out in the world for more of the time.


Turning inwards is non negotiable right now as we own our sovereignty and find divine freedom which can only be found within. But it is our choice to do so.

Ultimately we must learn to take responsibility for ourselves and learn to make wiser choices, knowing that we create our reality and that is up to us.  Our goals in meditation need to be matched with focused intention and action to create the golden age reality. Remember we are all part of a massive team of light.


I also recommend this video by Magenta Pixie where she shares how we can navigate our current experience. Become informed, stand in our power and maintain a higher level of consciousness.


The first step is to become informed and do your research - relating to what I've already mentioned. Knowledge is power.


The second step is to declare we are sovereign beings and do not consent to the control that is being forced upon us.  Part of this is accepting responsibility for what we are allowing to take place - that which we haven’t seen or which we have but haven’t acted to change.    Mass conformity is allowing certain structures to be created.  Such as the upgrading of our telecommunications, the fifth generation which is far from just simple increases in speed- the hidden agenda is far more sinister.   We have to accept on a collective level we have asked for faster downloads and more wireless connectivity - this they are starting to provide but at what cost to every living thing on the planet?  This, the mainstream will not reveal though it is known.  We are seeing an attack but we need to realise we are also allowing it to happen.  


Once we are informed and have declared our sovereignty - I’ve done this in writing and read aloud. Laura Eisenhower in her message to the dark controllers has done this via video    or you could speak it or keep it privately to yourself. The intention to declare your sovereignty and this is a key step in breaking free from what has been imposed upon us.  I certainly felt very empowered through this process.


Magenta also advises that we need to move into an energy of forgiveness for all that has played out and continues to play out.  Forgiveness does not condone the action but is an important part of acceptance and release.  For all.  We are all one consciousness - we are them and they are us - we have both light and dark within us.  For all Harry Potter fans remember this, ‘We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on...that’s who we really are’ Sirius Black.  


This is an important step because we are forgiving for ourselves as well as the perpetrators. These controllers are an enormous catalyst for our collective growth,  for which we can feel gratitude - and this has come out now because of the time we are living in  In choosing peace and freedom we can begin to physically create the world that already exists in energetic form.


It may take some time to reach this, whether you are newly awakened or not, but even then when new revelations come to light there will be re emergence of anger or fear at times but we can move through these processes at will, whenever we need them, knowing they are part of the ascension path we have come here to tread.