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Creating space can be a game changer

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I lOVE to declutter. I’m on a constant drive towards simplifying my life, and one way for me is to minimise the stuff I have in my space.  Not just physical stuff, you know, those old CDs that will never be played in a million years – U2 I still love you but now prefer to watch you on You tube or listen on Spotify.  My old CDs are not going to be played and are just clutter filling an empty shelf.  I also have dozens of books gathering dust - though for me these are harder to let go of  :) .


There’s also the electronic clutter – those 1000s of old emails you’ve never deleted or scores of old files and folders on your laptop.  Are they not only taking up valuable space but also annoying you by simply existing?! Will I ever teach the free will vs determinism debate again??!! I think not. These old files have got to go!


Releasing this physical and electronic clutter does more than opening up space in your house or freeing up data, it works profoundly on an energetic level too.


Let’s not forget. We are beings of energy not just physical bodies and personalities. We are made of the same stuff as everything you see around you.  So freeing up the flow of energy in your space, whether physical or electronic stuff and releasing the stuck energy that may be unknowingly draining you can make space for something new to come in.


It’s the stuff you can’t see that often has the biggest impact on your energy – the stuff stored in your head.  Most of which we don’t even know we’re holding onto.  But is in fact holding us back. Outdated attitudes and beliefs that no longer fit where you are now, this accumulation of thoughts and old conditioning (conscious or unconscious) if released,  can create space in more ways than you would imagine.


If there is something you want to bring into your life, creating the energetic space for it can make a huge difference in terms of your alignment and readiness to receive. The emotional pull to hold on to something can be very strong, but ask yourself honestly, would you rather have something new and vibrant in your life, more in tune with your current state of alignment?  Making space, physical or otherwise is key to inviting in the new.


As an energy healer I once worked with a lady who had tried countless times to have a family - IVF, adoption – but nothing seemed to go right. The IVF failed and numerous attempts at adopting children fell through at the last minute.  She had resigned herself to giving up her dream of having a family and had decided that If the latest attempt fell through again, that was it. She and her husband would put their energy into creating a wonderful life without children.  While I was talking to her, it suddenly occurred to me, had she created space for this new family to come in?  We did some energy work there and then to create space for these children – there was nothing to lose by trying something completely different and I simply trusted that whatever the outcome, it would be in the highest interests of all concerned.


One week later she emailed me - the adoption was going through and the children were about to arrive into their family!  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I was completely blown away.   Obviously I can’t ever know if this exercise really had anything to do with the arrival of much wanted children, and whether it was a complete coincidence that all the dots lined up for them at that time, but I do hold this example up as a testimony to the nature of infinite possibilities. The power of intention, clearing energy and making space for what you want to come into your life and the power of the human spirit to create a positive outcome for the highest good of all involved.


So for me, letting go and making space is a constant presence in my life and I know, if I feel stuck around something, whether a decision to make or a problem to solve, the answer is to stop and free up some energy and in that easier, calmer space, clarity will emerge to provide a resolution.


Try it - where could you use more space in your life?