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Intuition is a powerful guide for life

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In a world where we have been conditioned to place value on our mental efforts over knowing or trusting our gut, many of us have come from a place of believing we can’t access our intuition or trust it or even that it exists at all. One thing I know for sure is that it always has been and always will be there for you. We all have intuition but it is your choice as to whether you access it.


Intuition is about understanding something instinctively without consciously knowing why. It has a quiet voice and we need to listen in order to receive its messages. This means creating some time and space for stillness and being willing to tune into your own inner voice instead of the distractions and chaos in the external world which is so easy and compelling to be drawn towards. Like a muscle you can practice and strengthen your connection with your intuition. The more you practice, the more easily you will be recognise the internal knowing and the stronger the connection will be.


Following your intuition makes for a more magical experience of life where things just line up for you, synchronicities confirm you are on track and your life flows with more ease and grace. When you start to pay attention, good things start to happen.


There is a reason why we call our intuition a gut feeling. Research has shown that emotion and intuition have a physical presence in our gut, a second brain which is why we can feel sick when faced with a difficult decision. You can feel your intuition in your gut perhaps your heart might race or breath deepen, maybe you'll get goosebumps or feel expansion rather than contraction.


Keeping your energy and vibration high helps you receive intuitive insights, so think about ways you could keep your vibe high for example, lighter foods, lots of water, being rested and having enough sleep. This all helps you to be a better receiver.


Your intuition tells you when you are spending time with people who are not serving you, or you step into an environment that feels off and is not where you want to be. The phone rings and you instinctively know who it will be, you have a feeling you should take a different route to work and later find out an event would have held you up had you gone the normal way. Intuition is an essential guide for life.


Get quiet and pay attention to how you feel, be the observer of your gut feelings and spend more time tuned into something that is a natural and effortless part of being human and will contribute to greater ease and flow in your life.