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It's never too late to follow your dreams

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You’re never too old to start following your dream………


You’ve heard this many times I bet.

Do you believe it?


I do.


Don’t let anyone tell you it’s too late to change direction or that dreaming is just for kids. That’s simply not true.

 This is YOUR life and you can change direction any time you choose.


My 30s were challenging. I didn’t have the head space to even think about dreaming of anything.  Except wishing we were a ‘normal’ family.  My 30s were full of raising my 2 beautiful children, one of whom was autistic.  I learned so much about me, them and how life worked although there was not a lot of time for dreaming but simply getting through each day the best I could.  I started to become interested in creativity and journaling and that, I found, a helpful form of expression to manage the extent of the challenges our family as a whole were experiencing.


A catalytic event, the unexpected death of my autistic son not long after my 40th birthday propelled my life on a quite unexpected path but which has ultimately had a positively transformative effect. I started to walk the personal and spiritual growth path.   I studied psychology, I trained as a teacher, I learned how to meditate, to develop my intuition, I started training in energy work, I pursued my creative interests and began to dream of a time I might be able to serve others as a healing practitioner, as an artist, sharing my understanding and helping those starting on a similar path.   I didn’t see a clear picture of how this could manifest but I knew the future was calling to me.  I started to wake up, the world was not as I thought it was.  I could see the world differently from how I had seen it before.   


In my 40s I started to dream rather than just surviving on a day to day basis.  The old cliché ‘Life begins at 40’ appeared to be on to something.  I was still experiencing intense grief from losing my son but because I felt spiritually closer to him than ever before, with the continued exploration and development work I chose to do, I could continue to dream and could see a positive future helping others, not just myself. I saw my experiences as opportunities for growth.


In my 50s, initially my teaching career flourished and then I gradually became disillusioned with the red tape attached to the job, and feeling inhibited by the curriculum, and I began to lose the sense of joy and fulfilment I had with this work.  


Another catalytic event, the simultaneous deaths (unconnected reasons and unexpected) of both of my parents in 2005 propelled me yet further along the personal and spiritual growth path,  at some speed.   


Two years later I also separated from my husband after 30+ years together and set about following another dream – leaving my full time, well paid, teaching work (which I had allowed to take over my life – I now know to bury the ongoing grief I failed to process) and creating a working life where I could see the value of multiple streams of income, allowing me to serve others using my interests and passions and thus live a more peaceful and meaningful life.


So I undertook further training in different healing modalities, made lots of new connections and set up my energy healing practice.  Many workshops and courses in self awareness and self development and using energy for healing changed how I saw myself and enhanced my whole outlook on life.  I began to realise I wanted others to feel and see that too as it was so life enhancing.  I still had work as a part time psychology lecturer and my daughter Gemma and had I created our business, The Seashack in 2012 a blend of art, design and mindset inspiration.   So you can see I developed three separate but actually quite interconnected strands of income.  I loved to teach, I loved to spread some joy through painting and creating, I loved to help empower women to look at life differently and I loved to help people learn to open up through energy healing and to shed lots of the baggage they were carrying so they could remove barriers to their own dreams.


So in my 50s I continued to follow my dreams – as they were then – realising that as we grow and evolve, so do our dreams, so I remained open and flexible to what inspired me and showed up in my life.  All the while, learning so much more about me, my values, my place in the world and staying as true to myself as I could.


Over the last 9 years another, quite unexpected, passion has emerged.  To blend creativity and travel to my most favourite place on the planet   I am besotted with the Hebridean islands.  They are a wild and restless landscape,  a beautiful, magical, mystical and largely empty space that I am drawn back to time and time again.  The thrill of exploring uninhabited islands, seeing whales, dolphins and basking sharks, paddling in stunning turquoise sea so unbelievably clear (and freezing!), and exploring empty, white shell sand beaches.  Magical wildlife – like seeing the puffins coming out of their burrows, the otters in amongst the seaweed and the great sea eagles majestically soaring.   Ok so maybe something else for me to write about?!


I digress.


Here's the thing.  I've not reached my 60s (Shhhh don't tell anyone!) and the dreams have not diminished, if anything they have grown!


I feel curious, open and alive.


We closed The Seashack this year to enable both of us to evolve our own similar but different strands of work, serving our own individual passions, which is so exciting for both of us!  I have given up teaching psychology for the time being and now most of my energy is focused on evolving my energy healing practice and developing ways I can support women as my knowledge and expertise grows.   Strands are pulling together as I undertake more personal learning, enhancing my knowledge and understanding of energy and the importance of mindset in creating the life we dream about.  And yes, I still paint and create and dream of exhibiting and selling my art.


I now have a dream to travel the Hebrides, beachcombing and paints in hand to capture the essence of the landscape, that others may be able to experience how I feel about them.   I also dream of living right next to a river or the sea - maybe even on a boat (!).


I am still growing and evolving, learning even more about who I really am, letting go of more and more old conditioning, re aligning myself with my evolving values and intentions - the falling away of the old and embracing the ever changing new.  I can't deny this hasn't been or isn't an ongoing challenge - there has been much for me to clear and this is my choice.


To me, dreams are so important. They lend themselves to purpose and meaning in our lives. They align with our values and tap into how we want our life to look.   They may not always be fulfilled the way we expect – maybe the universe has something even better in mind, so I am always mindful of adding – ‘this or something better’ to my dreams – there are greater forces at work than I can ever hope to understand.   


I know, if I listen to what’s in my heart and follow the breadcrumbs I am inspired to follow, everything will work out for my highest interests.


In the words of Henry David Thoreau:

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.


So, whatever your age, dream well, dream BIG and take action, small baby steps,  towards making them happen. I urge you to create the life you dream of and to start NOW.   Be the creator of your life, be in the driving seat and not a passenger.  YOU decide. Whatever action you take, it's never too little and never too late.