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Al that you seek is already within you

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All that you seek is already within you. We already have everything we need.


I have learned such a lot over the years – from some great teachers, speakers, authors, workshops, webinars, podcasts and retreats - I have shifted and grown so much. I LOVE learning!  I really can’t get enough of it.


I’ve been on a journey of transformation for over 20 years and love it! But learning can get quite addictive and the thing is, you can find yourself constantly looking for the next ‘fix’ – what shall I study next?   What don’t I know enough of? There is a fine line between learning for the sheer joy and fun of it, to expand your knowledge - feel that excitement - and wanting to learn from a place of lack, of insecurity, of messiness, of not enoughness - I don't know enough, I'm not good enough.   If you love learning, dig deep -  what is your real motive for boarding the learning train?


I ask because there was a time I was that needy person. I had to keep going to workshops, looking for trainings and courses - when would I ever know enough, when would I be worthy enough?


When we are on this path of growth and there is an amazing selection of wonderful material to absorb, we can get to believe we have to look outside of ourselves for wisdom – the writers, the speakers whose words we are drawn to, who raise our vibe and help us believe we can be all we want to be. Nothing wrong in that at all.  Their words act as reminders of what we deep down already  know, the keys to unlock the doors of our potential. We all need reminders. But for some of us we need to realise it is time to listen to our own inner wisdom.


We all have this innate inner wisdom and have been conditioned to believe we have to look outside of ourselves for answers.


� Supposing we have everything we need already inside us?

� Suppose we have all the answers to all the questions we could ever ask?


Well, I believe we do. Do you trust your own wisdom?  That guidance you get when you’ve been pondering over a problem then you get so fed up with thinking about it you walk away from it.  Suddenly you’re in the shower and bang – that’s the answer you were looking for. ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ you will probably say.


Wisdom can only ever be found within us. Not from a book, a teacher, a guru – only YOU can translate the teachings that have been shared with you.  Uniquely YOUR interpretation.  YOUR voice.  By expressing your own insight. ASK and the answer is always given, from deep within we can hear – if we listen.


We have been taught that answers come from others that know better than us – outside of us. Teachers, God or guides – but we are the energy from which answers always come. The answers always come from within. Trust this.


All that you seek is already within you.