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We are sparks of light

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We are not in control of our life.  Life is living both for us and through us.  Life is expressing itself through us.  We are an extension of source energy/the universe.


This is why I say we are sparks of light. We are ALL the same, we come from the same energy source. This is why we are ALL connected, we are designed to empathise, to connect, to feel, to collaborate to help each other.  We are not designed to compete with each other – that is a human made idea based on the illusion we are separate from each other.  Yes it looks that way but we are not.


Our energy field which is flooded with our unique experiences and conditioning, our attitudes and beliefs, our individual expression intertwines with others energy fields we come into contact with. They blend together. We exchange energy without knowing. I leave my programming in your field, you leave yours in mine    


It doesn’t stop there.   When we exit from our physical form, that is left behind but the real essence of who we are carries on.  Our energy doesn’t die, it transforms into another existence, another dimension, who knows where?    

When we look at ourselves we can so easily forget we are so much more than our body and personality.  We are so much more than we can see or think we are.   We are beings of energy and vibration, radiating our own unique energy signature.  That’s who we really are – the source of unlimited possibility and potential.


Isn’t that amazing? 

When you feel like limiting yourself or shrinking to make yourself small, remember you are so much more than what’s going on in your head. You are unlimited in every way.


You are a powerful spiritual being with infinite potential.


Believe it.  Feel it. Know it.


You are not just your body, you are not just your personality.  You are an infinite spark of light.


We are everything and nothing, everywhere and nowhere.


Limitless. Boundless. Infinite.


We are sparks of light.