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  1. This is my beautiful son Neal.   I don’t think I’ve ever publicly spoken about him, except to describe his passing as the major catalyst for my spiritual awakening, and to acknowledge he is still a very large part of my life. In spirit form he is very present in my day to day life in a way he couldn’t be in his physical autistic form with all kinds of challenges that stifled his communication and understanding and meant he found life extremely difficult to cope with.

  2. I lOVE to declutter. I’m on a constant drive towards simplifying my life, and one way for me is to minimise the stuff I have in my space.  Not just physical stuff, you know, those old CDs that will never be played in a million years – U2 I still love you but now prefer to watch you on You tube or listen on Spotify.  My old CDs are not going to be played and are just clutter filling an empty shelf.  I also have dozens of books gathering dust - though for me these are harder to let go of  :) .