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  1. Most of us have, or will experience trapped emotions in our body. It is all part of everything we have gone through and the natural human experience of life.  Whatever part of your body has emotion lodged in it, there will be some distortion to the tissues, and over time, you could experience pain, discomfort and eventual dis-ease.  Many of us – perhaps most of us – are only alerted to this when we have physical symptoms that perhaps alarm us.  We focus our attention on the symptoms, often seeking medical advice,  without considering any underlying factors as opposed to simply having a malfunctioning body.  This is the system we have been raised to adopt.  Thankfully we have learned a great deal and are educating ourselves in a much greater way than ever before.

  2. For the first time I had an impulse to drive the 650 round trip to Keswick, Cumbria, to take part in the Winter solstice Druid ceremony of Alban Arthan at Castlerigg stone circle.  I had no idea why I felt the pull to go and it didn't make any logical sense but I felt I had to be there! I was able to combine this with staying with my sister who lives 30 miles from Keswick, which was a lovely treat so near to Christmas.


    Solstice means 'stand still' referring to the seasonal movement of the sun's path (as seen from the earth) as it comes to a stop before reversing direction - the Winter solstice is the point of greatest darkness when the night is longest.