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  1. I have worked with three clients in the last month who, unknowingly, have been experiencing a vivaxis issue so I decided to spend a bit of time exploring his phenomenon. I've written this blog to begin to catalogue my learnings around this, something I was aware of but never fully understood.  Vivaxis issues come up from time to time and I was taught it is always a priority to resolve because without clearing it, sending energy frequencies to heal other issues may not prove to be that effective - or at least, healing will take a lot longer.

    Vivaxis comes from viva (Latin for life) and axis (A central line about which a body rotates) and essentially is about your energetic connection with your birth place.

  2. These are my views - I don't want you to believe them and instead to do your own research.  To feel truly empowered your views have to be your own.

    Take what resonates and leave the rest. But at least think about doing some research so you are aware about things that are being decided for you. This concerns all of us and when we unite we are powerful beings.


    As our collective light shines ever more brightly, as consciousness rises and we have got to this point in our evolution where the truth is being revealed in plain sight, many more awakened souls are making themselves known.


    What have we been unable to see?