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  1. A lot of my clients have had disappointing experiences of conventional medicine, perhaps a chronic condition where a solution has not been found or a series of symptoms that have been dismissed and not taken seriously, or past experiences have given them good reason not to rely on or trust modern orthodox medicine. For some, like me, a more holistic approach is their first choice in exploring and uncovering what might lie underneath their symptoms or dis- ease. This is not to say that modern medicine doesn’t play a very important role in maintaining our health, but as an alternative practitioner I tend to see clients who are making a choice to try something different.

  2. We are not in control of our life.  Life is living both for us and through us.  Life is expressing itself through us.  We are an extension of source energy/the universe.


    This is why I say we are sparks of light. We are ALL the same, we come from the same energy source. This is why we are ALL connected, we are designed to empathise, to connect, to feel, to collaborate to help each other.  We are not designed to compete with each other – that is a human made idea based on the illusion we are separate from each other.  Yes it looks that way but we are not.