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  1. For most of my life I’ve kept myself small.  When fear came up I’d do all I could to stop myself feeling it as it was so uncomfortable.  I’d create stories I’d tell myself about the type of person I was and what I could achieve, I’d avoid certain situations and opportunities so that I didn’t have to go through the experience of extreme discomfort and even terror. I kept myself small and limited.

  2. I wrote a blog the other day, and at first the writing flowed – a theme close to my heart – words coming to me as I wrote, job done.  Or so you’d think…………


    Of course once the words were committed to paper and I began to read what I’d written, doubt started to creep in.


    What am I writing this for?

    Is there any point?

    Will it make any sense?

    Is it too weird?

    Is this the right theme to write about?

    It’s probably been said by lots of others and in a better way.

    I’m wasting my time, it’s rubbish

    I really don’t want anyone to read this anyway

    I can’t write (sigh)

    Why did I start this?

    What's the point of anything?!