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  1. I lOVE to declutter. I’m on a constant drive towards simplifying my life, and one way for me is to minimise the stuff I have in my space.  Not just physical stuff, you know, those old CDs that will never be played in a million years – U2 I still love you but now prefer to watch you on You tube or listen on Spotify.  My old CDs are not going to be played and are just clutter filling an empty shelf.  I also have dozens of books gathering dust - though for me these are harder to let go of  :) .

  2. If you don’t know who you are, what's important to you, how you want to live your life and what drives you to do what you do,  being true to yourself is likely to be a challenge.  We all play roles in life, we are daughters, sisters, mothers, aunties, cousins, mothers and grandmothers and we get unknowingly caught up in socialised ideas and thoughtforms around how we are supposed to act in those roles.  Our beliefs around how we 'should' think and how we 'should' show up in the world, can greatly interfere with our authentic and instinctive inclinations and soul led desire to be ourselves