Energy work, spiritual support and holistic health

Hi I'm Shirley

I am an energy worker and here to support you through your personal ascension journey, however it is unfolding for you.  I see light and potential in everyone and it is time for YOU to step fully into your power and show up as the incredible light being you are.

My work involves reading your energy to assess whether you are in optimum balance and to explore unresolved issues that are blocking or reducing the flow of your energy, particularly those manifesting as dis-ease.  I use energetic frequencies, in line with your highest interests,  to clear blocks, rebalance and realign your energetic and physical systems.

I feel three key areas are important as we transit through this great awakening.

Self empowerment
Self realisation
Self responsibility

My aim is to sow seeds, raise awareness, facilitate energy shifts and help to activate your own insights

If you have any questions about how I might be able to support you or to see if mine is the right approach for you,  please get in touch by email or message through Facebook or Instagram.

The world absolutely needs your light, now more than ever.

I would love to hear from you.

[email protected]


Instagram - @shirleyclimpson