Working with me

Who I love to work with

I love to work with those awakened and awakening women who are committed to their personal and spiritual growth. They operate in an energy of connection, of trust in the universe and like to look at the bigger picture.

How you can work with me

I'm here to hold a space of love, non judgment and compassion. A space to reconnect with the deepest parts of ourselves, where we will find we have everything we need.

Like most healers I have a toolkit both for assessing a client's energy, using a structured system, and for sending energy.  I am a dowser, a way of supporting my intuition, I use radionics and spiritual alchemy to transmit frequencies of energy to help resolve the issues you are ready to release. 

My work includes sending Source Energy or Reiki,  transmitting remedies via radionics or spiritual alchemy or making up remedies such as homeopathic, flower, crystal and other channelled remedies that target specific issues and body systems. I also use and teach Energetic NLP processes.   I am always intuitively guided as to which elements to draw on either during a session or when working on deeper issues with a client over time. These techniques facilitate change and transformation on both an energetic and cellular level.

Getting to the heart of the problem is where true healing can take place. Issues may not be released in the order in which you expect but the release will always be beneficial and in line with your highest interests.  We exist on different levels (body, ego, mind, soul, higher self) and there is always a priority for clearing, release and renewal.  

Sometimes what is simply needed is conscious awareness of potential root causes and space to process and facilitate a deeper self awareness to prompt inspired action.

I also hold Energy Hygiene workshops and I am available to teach simple visualisation processes to enable people to clear, call back and ground their energy, designed to create awareness of the importance of ensure that as much of the energy in our space is as authentically ours as possible.  This enhances our whole being and how we show up in the world.

Please contact me if you would like to know more about these sessions.

How I work with clients

I work both in person, at my home in Rayleigh, or remotely, so I can support you wherever you happen to be in the world!   Energy is non local, meaning it is not dependent on time and space and all I need is a clear connection, for example, using a photograph as a means of forming that connection with the client.

I work intuitively, through my guides, working in your highest interests and guided to your individual needs.

Before your appointment I send out a questionnaire for you to reflect on the main reasons for your appointment and any specific issues you are keen to focus on.  


Option 1

Single energy assessment session  £65

In person or remote appointments.

As energy assessment of where you are now, exploring the current underlying issues that may be holding you back or contributing to dis-ease or a chronic health condition.


  • A pre assessment questionnaire.
  • An energy assessment with email feedback and interpretation.
  • Using energy frequencies to resolve priority issues and/or any remedies needed
  • Up to 60 minute feedback consultation, in person here in Essex or on Zoom/Skype/phone.
  • One follow up check, usually within a week, with detailed email feedback. 

One off sessions provide information and the opportunity to release issues that register as a priority and will always be beneficial to trigger the healing process.  For some issues a single session will be enough to clear acute issues.  

Healing takes place on many levels and it is not always in someone's highest interests to release too much in one go.  More is not necessarily better in terms of deep healing and it is necessary to minimise the risk of a healing crisis where their system is trying to release too much too soon - which can be very uncomfortable to experience.

If there are a number of issues you wish to explore, this will take longer as your system needs time to process in between clearing issues. I would recommend booking a series of sessions to enable you to go much deeper with your healing journey and transformation.  The timing of these will be dependent on what clearing is needed. Sessions take place in person or via Zoom/Skype.

Option 2

A package of 6 sessions £360

Clear intentions and commitment to the healing process are needed if you choose this option and the cost of this programme reflects this. This is deep work.

This option is useful where you know you are repeating cycles and not moving forward in the way you intend. This programme is designed for in depth investigation and resolution of persistent limitations, blocks and chronic dis-ease patterns.  To explore underlying root factors that may be blocking you from where you want to be, that may be inhibiting you in terms of working towards you offering your gifts to the world.

Buying 6 sessions in advance means flexibility in terms of the pace of the release work and what can be covered over around 6 weeks, allowing for energetic adjustments to be experienced during this intense work.

This option includes:

  • A questionnaire to reflect where you are now and the opportunity to raise current concerns.
Session 1
  • Structured energy assessment to explore issues and plan the order of work - this needs to be flexible according to your system and received guidance.
  • An initial 1 hour meet up either in person or Zoom/Skype to set intentions for the work and to discuss feedback and interpretation of initial energy assessment.
5 x weekly 30 min check in sessions 
  • During these 5 weeks we will explore what is showing up in your awareness and there will be ongoing testing and releasing/resolving layers of issues as and when, allowing time for processing between releases.
  • Unlimited email contact during the 6 weeks.

Option 3

Space Holding sessions 1 hour £45

In person or remote appointments.

A space holding and energy healing session where you can explore current themes in a safe and supportive space or simply experience some healing and release to enable your energy to shift.  Can be used as part of a self discovery journey.

Tailored to suit you and may include:

  • Intuitive reading of energy
  • Sending healing energies
  • Meditation
  • Oracle cards
  • Using Energetic NLP processes to clear and ground your energy.

For more information about these sessions or to make an appointment please contact me on:


[email protected]

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Facebook - Shirley Climpson Intuitive Energy Healing


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