Working with me

I'm here to work with women who are committed to their personal and spiritual growth.    I'm here to hold a space of love non judgment and compassion.   A space to reconnect with the deepest parts of ourselves, our inner wisdom and spirit. There we will find we have everything we need.

I use a holistic approach to healing, working with the body's wisdom to facilitate self healing to explore underlying aspects of dis-ease and limitation.  As part of my toolkit I use energy healing techniques to help resolve the issues you are ready to release. These include Source Energy healing, Energetic NLP and Radionics. These techniques facilitate change and transformation on both an energetic and cellular level.

Getting to the heart of the problem is where true healing can take place. This may not be what you expect but will always be beneficial and in line with your highest interests.    Sometimes what is simply needed is space to process challenges and gentle prompts to facilitate a deeper self awareness and encouragement to take inspired action.

What's included in a session:

Before your appointment I send out a questionnaire for you to reflect on what you want to achieve during the session.  A single session is £50 which includes a pre assessment checklist of your energy using dowsing techniques, remedies and a 30 minute consultation, in person here in Essex or Skype.

I work intuitively, through my guides, working in your highest interests guided to your individual needs.

One off sessions will always be beneficial and a series of sessions will enable you to go much deeper with your own healing and transformation. Energy coaching packages also available, please contact me to discuss your needs.